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Boxing is another event where India shall be looking out for medals. Boxing has been an event since the first Commonwealth Games held in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada.

This is a men's only competition in 11 categories. There is a gold, silver and bronze to be won in each category. These are Light Flyweight (48kg), Flyweight (51kg), Bantamweight (54kg), Featherweight (57kg), Lightweight (60kg), Light Welterweight (64kg), Welterweight (69kg), Middleweight (75kg), Light Heavyweight (81kg). Heavyweight (91kg), Heavyweight (91kg+).

Knockout bouts will be played and each winner will move to the next round onto the quarter finals, semi finals and the finals. Boxers will compete for a gold and silver in every category. The bronze medals would be shared by the losing semi-finalists.

Venue: Talkatora Indoor Stadium

Training Venue: Delhi University


    - Light Flyweight (46-49 kg)
    - Flyweight (52 kg)
    - Bantamweight (56 kg)
    - Lightweight (60 kg)
    - Light Welterweight (64 kg)
    - Welterweight (69 kg)
    - Middleweight (75 kg)
    - Light Heavyweight (81 kg)
    - Heavyweight (91 kg)
    - Super heavyweight (+91 kg)


All events at Talkatora Indoor Stadium on 5-11 and 13 October 2010.

Medals at stake

Gold: 10 Men
Silver: 10 Men
Bronze: 10 Men


One athlete for each Weight Category from a CGA.

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Sonali Chander
Sonali Chander
Sorry for the delays! Do you agree with Mr Gavaskar that Sehwag should have had his surgery before the the IPL so as not miss Windies tour? 4 years ago

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Tennis is making its debut in the XIX Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.