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Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a new sport at the Commonwealth Games, but Delhi should see some top players.

Both men and women shall compete in singles, doubles and teams events. There are 7 table tennis Golds to be won.

Venue: Yamuna Sports Complex

Training Venue:

Yamuna Sports Complex

Jamia Milia Islamia



    - Singles
    - Doubles

    - Singles
    - Doubles
    Team(5 Men and 5 Women)


All events at Yamuna Sports Complex on 4-14 October 2010.

Medals at stake

    - Gold: 3 Men, 3 Women and 1 Team
    - Silver: 3 Men, 3 Women and 1 Team
    - Bronze: 3 Men, 3 Women and 1 Team


Men/Women Singles 5 competitors

Men/Women Doubles - 2 Pairs

Mixed Double - 4 Pairs

Team event - One team per CGA

Entry to be received by OC CWG Delhi 2010

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Sonali Chander
Sonali Chander
Sorry for the delays! Do you agree with Mr Gavaskar that Sehwag should have had his surgery before the the IPL so as not miss Windies tour? 4 years ago

Fun Sphere


Shera, the official mascot for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, is an anthropomorphised tiger. His name has been derived the Hindi word for Lion - "Sher". In colloquial lanugage, Sher is used for both lion and tiger. The mascot represents the modern Indian, proud of his nation's ancient heritage and a fierce competitor but with integrity and honesty.