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Langurs at Games venues to keep smaller monkeys in check

Langurs at Games venues to keep smaller monkeys in check
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New Delhi: Security officials at the Commonwealth Games have posted ten langurs outside several venues in New Delhi to keep smaller monkeys away.

The number will increase in the days leading up to Sunday's opening ceremony, according to the New Delhi Municipal Council(NDMC).

"We have deployed ten langurs to chase away monkeys for the Commonwealth Games. Four will be deployed outside National Stadium, four outside Talkatora Stadium and two are on standby, we will send them wherever required," said Devendra Prasad, an official from the  New Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Langurs are a common type of monkey in south Asia, and because they are large and fierce they are often used in India to keep other monkeys in check at public places.

"People who are coming from outside the country should not face any problems because of the monkeys, these langurs have been deployed for their safety, so that the Games go on unhindered," said Pramod Kumar, a langur trainer.

In 2007, the deputy mayor of New Delhi was killed when he fell from his balcony during an attack by wild monkeys and  25 other people were wounded when a monkey went on a rampage in the city.

The 19th edition of the Commonwealth Games, only the second to be held in Asia after Kuala Lumpur in 1998, has also seen its share of other animal-related issues, among other more serious problems already facing organizers.

Besides the menace of stray dogs, a 4-foot cobra was found at the tennis venue and another snake was caught in a room at the athletes' village.

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Sonali Chander
Sonali Chander
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Tennis is making its debut in the XIX Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.