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Australia TV crew brings detonation kit into venue

Australia TV crew brings detonation kit into venue Sydney: An Australian television news crew says it was able to enter the main Commonwealth Games arena carrying a case for an explosives detonation kit without being stopped, just days before the event begins.

The Channel 7 journalist, who also filmed black market explosives on sale near New Delhi, walked into the venue carrying the case, capable of triggering up to 200 explosions if fitted with a detonator, without attracting suspicion.

Footage broadcast late Monday showed reporter Mike Duffy easily walking into the cordoned off area with the over-sized, wheeled suitcase when a gate was opened to allow a police convoy through.

"Patrol cars drive in, I slip through," he says in a voice over. "While they're distracted by their own cars, I breeze in with an over sized suitcase.

"There are dozens of police. But nobody asks me what it's for. And this is no ordinary piece of luggage.

"It's a portable, purpose-built casing for a remote detonation kit. The unit is capable of setting off 200 explosions."

Duffy had earlier secretly filmed the purchase of the case from the boot of a car in a restaurant car park north of New Delhi.

"If I need to blow up this car, all I need further is a detonator and explosive," the vendor tells Duffy.

The news crew said they were easily able to obtain both items, including ammonium nitrate and explosives used for mining, within a day's drive of New Delhi, which will begin hosting the Commonwealth Games on October 3.

Security concerns about the games were heightened Sunday after two Taiwanese tourists were wounded when gunmen on motorcycles fired at a tourist bus.

Organisers of the Games have promised the event will be safe, but Australia issued another warning about safety on Monday, saying there was a "high risk" of an attack in New Delhi.

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Sonali Chander
Sonali Chander
Sorry for the delays! Do you agree with Mr Gavaskar that Sehwag should have had his surgery before the the IPL so as not miss Windies tour? 4 years ago

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The official song of the 2010 Commonwealth Games "Jiyo Utho Badho Jeeto" is composed and performed by Oscar winning Indian musician AR Rahman. The song's title is based on the slogan of the games, "Come out and play". The song is penned by Mehboob.